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The Charles H. Morris Center

Morris Center
Side view of Morris Center

The Morris Center at Trustees' Garden is a special event, music/entertainment, wedding reception, corporate and private function venue. With 3600 square feet in main ball room, it seats 300 with full stage, sound and lighting. 

Kehoe Ironworks

Kehoe Ironworks

 The Trustees’ Garden Metal and Kehoe Buildings and Plaza areas are television friendly; introducing the historical beauty, charm, and youthful excitement of Savannah to the nation and the world.

Kehoe IronWorks Annex


The lean-to structure now called the Smithy Annex, served as the blacksmith shop for the Kehoe Iron Works from around 1898 until at least 1916

Kehoe Teaching Kitchen

Teaching Kitchen

When the Kehoe Iron Works was in its prime, the Teaching Kitchen served to store iron molding patterns.  The molds were generally made of wood and were hand carved in the patterns that adorn many of Savannah’s iron balconies, railings, and stairways.

Kehoe Greenroom

Green Room B

Now redesigned as a green room, the space was used originally as a chipping and fitting room for the Kehoe Iron Works.  Here the workers chipped away sections of metal that had seeped between the mold halves then fitted the different pieces together before shipping.